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Everything is Iconic nowadays

A most "infuriatingly ubiquitous cliché" as Jonathan Meades described the use of this word in his brilliant 2009 article in Intelligent Life magazine. . I read this at the time and it struck a chord because I was getting sick of the word cropping up everywhere.  I had noticed that I was starting to use it more and more.  You can't read a newspaper nowadays without seeing the word used incorrectly at least once.   The Newcastle Evening Chronicle even described a local nightclub, LQ, as "iconic"!  The Oxford Galleries building has been the site of a number of popular nightspots for many a generation and it is well known through the North-East, but it is not iconic - although to be fair, in one of its incarnations, it was called IKON. .   It's sloppy journalism, but you can't exactly blame them when the l

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