Education Consultant honoured

At long last, following her incredibly successful stint at Redby Primary Academy, Sunderland, in 2014, Sheelagh Tickell has at last been given recognition of her achievements.  The outstanding education consultant, renowned for her unconventional teaching methods and attitudes towards part-time working, was instrumental in developing Redby Primary Academy's "not fit for purpose"* action plan to get the school out of special measures.  
*Ofsted's description of the action plan.
During her six month sinecure at the Sunderland academy, a number of staff left including the headteacher she was helping, part-time teaching was virtually eradicated, a not fit for purpose action plan was drafted, and zero progress was made in getting the school out of special measures.
For the purposes of impartiality, this is what she says about herself on her website:
"Sheelagh has extensive practical and positive experience in both training and coaching. She is able to work with headteachers and senior management to help them set, take action and reach their personal goals.
'The SIP provides exceptional support. She makes the best use of her time in school and she has established a very productive working relationship with the headteacher. Her evaluations of the school’s progress are accurate and astute and she has made a significant contribution to the school’s recent improvement’ HMI comments about Sheelagh’s support for Blyth Horton Grange, in Special Measures July 2009"

Sheelagh Tickell - Education Consultant

Headship successes include :
  • Three outstanding Ofsted inspections as a headteacher in 1997, 2002 and 2007 . January 2007, led by HMI, described every aspect of the school as Grade 1 (Outstanding)
  • Named in HMCI Report as an effective school 2005
  • Named in HMCI Report 2007 as an outstanding school
  • Developed staff within school to produce 7 headteachers (one now HMI) also 3 deputy headteachers as well as numerous other staff to promotion
  • Since becoming headteacher the school doubled in roll to 450 pupils
  • Goathland is an inclusive school with a communications support base serving a very diverse catchment, in Longbenton, North Tyneside. No child has ever been permanently excluded, though we have taken many pupils excluded from other schools
  • Standards have over the years been consistently above the national averages at both KS1 and KS2
Extensive and successful primary teaching and senior management posts from 1970 to December 2007 in the following local authorities: Newcastle, Northumberland, Gateshead, Clywd North Wales and North Tyneside.
Early Retirement, December 2007 as headteacher of Goathland Primary School, North Tyneside after 18 effective years. Education Consultant from January 2008 working with Primary schools and LAs across Northern Region."

It should be noted that there are no successes listed on her CV for over 5 years, and the Northern Education Trust, for which she currently works, has not been that successful either - its own Thorpe Academy went into special measures earlier this year.


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