Metro to be extended to Washington

Zzzzzzz  wot evs. By 2030!  wots the friggin point announcing this?  there is always some poncy sounding project in the pipeline. Remember Project Orpheus?  Train tram hybrids like Manchester's metro? Project 39 million (passengers)?    How long we been waiting for a Washington extension?  I've been wanting this to happen for years - having commutes to Newcastle from Washington taking 60 minutes by public transport is ridiculous. Might as well be getting the train from York, I'll be retired by the time it happens - or dead.  It took twenty odd years before the "Tyne & Tyne" metro got anywhere near Wearside. Washington had a train service when there was a population of 3,000 - now it's 70,000, it's a disgrace that there isn't a train service now. And by the time the metro is extended to Washington (and this certainly isn't a priority in the current plans) the town will have been without a rail service for 70 years. Read that again - SEVENTY FRIGGIN YEARS!!!!  if this was China, we would have had a high speed train service to London, a Maglev service to Newcastle, and a monorail circular to Sunderland and Durham by the time it takes Nexus to dream up the next bull shit scheme. 


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